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Welcome to Donation House.

We aim to serve struggling families within the North Fort Worth corridor by directly collecting and distributing items and goods that were donated by you.


By the end of August 2019 with God's help,

Met the basic needs of 401 families, approximately 1015 people.

  1. Needs met with 864 clothing kits and 865 pairs of shoes.

  2. We were able to help 124 kids at our August 2019 Back to School Event.

    1. School Supply Kits: 124

    2. Clothing Kits: 338

    3. Backpacks: 100

    4. Lunch Bags: 100

    5. Hair Cuts: 25

    6. Halloween Costumes: 126

      After the event we were able to help another 51 kids with items 1 through 4 above.

  3. We were able to help nearly 200 kid our 2018 Christmas Event in December.

    1. 600 toys given

    2. 230 coats

    3. 200 Blanket Buddies

    4. 200 clothing kits

    5. 200 Christmas stocking with stocking stuffers

  4. Blanket Buddy building is in full swing as well.

"For even the Son Of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many."

— mark 10:45

Get Involved: 

There are five key ways that you can support and participate with Donation House:

  1. Give.

  2. Volunteer.

  3. Meet an immediate need.

  4. Become a monthly partner, by clicking the box in the donation link.

  5. If you have a Kroger Rewards Card account you can now tie your Rewards Card to help out our organization by logging on to your account and choosing to help by searching for Donation House by name or use YS398 and the click enroll. It’s that simple, if you don’t have a Kroger Rewards card you can go to and sign up. Thank you! 

  6. Another way you can help, if you shop Amazon, use and put Donation House as your supporting charity. Use that link every time you shop and Donation house will get a percentage of the money spent. Thank you!

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

- 2 timothy 2:17