2018 School Supply Event

During the event this year we provided 286 Clothing Kits, 90 pairs of shoes, 94 school supply kits and 60 Halloween costumes.  Thank you Lions Club for allowing us to provide the school supply kits in your facility again this year! 

SchoolEvent 2018.jpg

School Supply Volunteers

Pictured are the volunteers that supported the event, Lions Club provided eye screening
Spivey-Lane provided Haircuts (not pictured)
Donation House members and volunteers

donated haircut.JPG

Spivey-Lane Salon

Tamara and Melody from Spivey-Lane provided the Haircuts to the children.  Thank you Spivey-Lane for providing the haircuts again this year!


Clothes Kits Boxes

The Clothes kits include 7 to 10 outfits in each kit. Each box included both Summer and Winter kits plus shoes for each child in a family.


Backpacks and Lunch boxes

Each child had their choice of a backpack and a lunch box.


School supplies

The school supplies were kitted ahead of time so the families didn't have to grab each item individually for their child's grade level.